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Depeche Mode ‘Global Spirit’ Tour

by PLSN Staff • in
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  • December 2017
  • Showtime
• Created: December 14, 2017
The band is pictured at their Oct. 10 tour stop at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. The tour began May 5 and runs through July 2018. Photo by Steve Jennings

Lighting Co

Various (Tour)


  • Production Design: Anton Corbijn
  • Lighting Designers: Sooner Routhier & Robert
  • Associate Lighting Designer & Programmer: Brian Jenkins
  • Lighting Director & Programmer: Manny Conde
  • Lighting Crew Chief: Ian Stevens
  • Lighting Techs: Harrison Cooke, Ben Eastham, Andrew Whittaker, Jake Jevons
  • Video Company: Universal Pixels
  • Video Engineer: Gerry Corry (UK), Charles Signaigo (US)
  • Video Director: Richy Parkin
  • Video Crew Chief: Joe Makein
  • Video Techs: Tim Bolland, Eoin McBrien (UK), Jake Hodgeson (US)
  • Production Manager: Tony Gittins
  • Tour Manager: Tim Lougee
  • Stage Manager: Toby Plant
  • Rigger: James Heath
  • Staging Company: LS Live
  • Trucking Co: Upstaging (US), Stage Truck (UK)


  • 2               grandMA2 Full size lighting consoles, 4 MA NPU’s
  • 31            Robe BMFL Spots
  • 71            Vari-Lite VL6000’s
  • 48            Showline Nitro CC’s
  • 36            Claypaky SharBars
  • 16            Robe MMX Washbeams
  • 32            GLP X4’s
  • 16            GLP X4’s inside of 10K Fresnel
  • 122         Martin Sceptrons
  • 28            Elation Sixpars
  • 6               Base Haze Pro Hazers
  • 1               LED Video system w/264 INFiLED 4.9mm LED tiles

Designer Insights

By Steve Jennings


Manny Conde, who is lighting director & co-programmer on the current Depeche Mode Global Spirit Tour started his working relationship with SRae Productions (designers Sooner Routhier and Robert Long) during the Spring of 2016.


Lighting Director & Programmer Manny Conde

Manny Conde

Lighting Director & Programmer

“At the time I was touring with rapper G-Eazy and Sooner & Robert came on as the design team for our show. I flew down to Nashville to begin Pre-Viz on the show with the amazing Matt Geasey and we all got along great, we have a great working relationship. Since then I’ve done a bunch of other projects with SRae as an LD, programmer, draftsman & 3D artist. I’m looking forward to many more.

“On Depeche Mode, I feel like the lighting and visuals are really married to the show and that really can only be achieved by a team that collaborates and comes together to realize the dream. On my end, it really has been great touring with the guys and I’m looking forward to many more great shows with them. I can’t take all the credit for programming, Brian Jenkins has really been a major part of this project, he took the lead on programming in rehearsals and We also did the Game of Thrones tour programming together. Since we’ve been on the road, I’ve taken the lead on programming as we’ve added a lot of new songs into our rotation.”

HSL Lighting is the Depeche Mode lighting vendor for the tour, notes Conde.

“HSL has been great, I really love those guys… They have really rocked it out on this tour and I would recommend them to anyone in need. Our lighting crew chief Ian Stevens, and he is the man!  He and his crew are all top notch. In general, the gear has been great and everything has gone so smoothly.

“It’s been an incredible ride so far.  I’m so thankful to be a part of this team and I’m happy to have the opportunity to travel the world doing what I love. Working with SRae and Anton Corbijn has been nothing short of awesome and I’m looking forward to the rest of our time out on the road in 2018.”

 More Depeche Mode ‘Global Spirit’ Tour photos by Steve Jennings:


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