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Out with the Old and In with the New

by Nook Schoenfeld • in
  • Editor's Note
  • January 2018
• Created: January 11, 2018

PLSN editor Nook Schoenfeld

It’s that time of my life where I need to start dumping stuff that is of no use to me other than sentimental value. For me this includes a complete closet and chest of drawers full of old clothes from all over the world that I have collected. My wife tells me that I’m supposed to hold each item up at arms’ length, thank it for the great service it has provided me over the years, then gently discard it into a pile bound for someone who can use it (Salvation Army).

‡‡         Cleaning House

That Eagles tour jacket from the 90’s has fallen apart and is rank. I’d be embarrassed to give it away because it’s worn threadbare. But the Lenny Kravitz western style Duster from the 1993 Australian Tour, that’ll be hard to part with. I’ve worn it in two rainstorms in ten years. It’s actually in great shape. Probably weighs 10 pounds, but I gotta let go. Can’t toss it due to sentimental reasons. Same with EBay. Can’t take money for it. Any takers? I’ll mail it to ya.


This is kind of how I feel about light fixtures that use discharge bulbs. I know they are of use still. But I know their days are numbered. They didn’t do anything wrong. Some of them I’m sentimentally attached to. But all the same, sorry, you gotta go. Nobody wants your aged parts. (Except Robert Mokry perhaps). Nobody wants your old way of life. Nobody wants to pay to keep you alive. There’s some new product coming up that’s way better.

The last of the original LSD Icon fixtures met their death in 2005.

It’s official now, that every company has jumped on the LED bandwagon. The Axcor 900 from Claypaky is already brighter than any of their discharge fixtures. Technology keeps getting better and brighter. As far as hard edge light fixtures, as soon as they catch up to the Bad Boys and BMFL spots this year, they will move on to long throw LED spotlights. Right now, nothing on the market compares with the VL6000 Beam fixture in quality of collimated beam and what it brings to our industry with that arc beam. I think it will be safe for a few years. I think that the new MegaPointe may be the last discharge light I will ever spec on a tour. I love that fixture. But like my Lenny Kravitz jacket, it will wear out its use. But with all of this technology exploding I have one thing to wonder about… Is it all for nothing?

All good things must come to an end. Used swag and used fixtures will be worn out. Whatever we replaced them with will wear out too, probably before we ever need to change a bulb again. I also see the end of LED Light sources approaching fairly quickly. It was a great idea for a while and will rule the roost for another five years. But I think it’s all an illusion. It has sparked a whole industry into looking at green sources, lower electric bills and of course, no more replacing light bulbs.

‡‡         LEDs to Lasers

The future isn’t in LED. That’s just a stop along the way. I think it’s in laser technology. They already have 30,000 watts of power brightening projectors more evenly than the $8,000 bulbs that occupied the similar models being hawked at trade shows just a year ago. Projector manufacturers stopped by the LED world for a short quick visit, with a few attempted models, before moving on. I suspect lights will do the same. I believe we will see a whole new world exploding at LDI next year.

My friend Marvin called me the other day from Deep South Productions. He was just checking in and was happier than a pig in filth. “Nook, I just got me some used Viper Air FX. 42 of ‘em, uh huh. From that Upstage company. Best investment our company ever made.” I replied that I was happy for him, great fixtures. I asked Marvin how they looked. “Dude, they are like brand new. I am going to rent the heck out of em. You reckon they got anymore for sale?”

If not Upstaging, I’m sure there are plenty out there. I think many companies feel the same way. Gotta hold the old fixtures at arms’ length, thank them for their fine service all these years, then gently send them on their way to someone who can use the heck out of ‘em.

For a video of Nook’s introduction to the Jan. 2018 issue of PLSN, go to http://plsn.me/201801ednote

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