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Top Tours of 2017 – Depeche Mode

by PLSN Staff • in
  • January 2018
  • Showtime
• Created: January 9, 2018

DEPECHE MODE © Steve Jennings

Lighting Co


Video Co

Universal Pixels


Various (Tour)


  • Production Design: Anton Corbijn
  • Lighting Designers: Sooner Routhier & Robert
  • Associate Lighting Designer & Programmer: Brian Jenkins
  • Lighting Director & Programmer: Manny Conde
  • Lighting Crew Chief: Ian Stevens
  • Lighting Techs: Harrison Cooke, Ben Eastham, Andrew Whittaker, Jake Jevons
  • Video Engineer: Gerry Corry (UK), Charles Signaigo (US)
  • Video Director: Richy Parkin
  • Video Crew Chief: Joe Makein
  • Video Techs: Tim Bolland, Eoin McBrien (UK), Jake Hodgeson (US)
  • Production Manager: Tony Gittins
  • Tour Manager: Tim Lougee
  • Stage Manager: Toby Plant
  • Rigger: James Heath
  • Staging Company: LS Live
  • Trucking Co: Upstaging (US), Stage Truck (UK)


  • 2       grandMA2 Full size lighting consoles, 4 MA NPU’s
  • 31     Robe BMFL Spots
  • 71     Vari-Lite VL6000’s
  • 48     Showline Nitro CC’s
  • 36     Claypaky SharBars
  • 16     Robe MMX Washbeams
  • 32     GLP X4’s
  • 16     GLP X4’s inside of 10K Fresnel
  • 122  Martin Sceptrons
  • 28     Elation Sixpars
  • 6       Base Haze Pro Hazers
  • 1       LED Video system w/264 INFiLED 4.9mm LED tiles

Tour Notes:

Depeche Mode’s “Global Spirit” tour, in support of the band’s 14th album, Spirit, drew big crowds on both sides of the Atlantic, starting with 1.5 million concert-goers in 32 cities in Europe (from May 5-July 23) before the band continued its marathon trek across North America (from Aug. 23-Oct. 27). The band then returned to Europe and the U.K. for yet another run of shows that started Nov. 15 and continues to late February before voyaging on to Mexico and South America in March. More dates in Europe have been set for the summer of 2018.


For more information on this tour, go to http://plsn.com/wp/archives/december-2017/depeche-mode-global-spirit-tour/

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