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Top Tours of 2017 – Ed Sheeran

by PLSN Staff • in
  • January 2018
  • Showtime
• Created: January 9, 2018

ED SHEERAN © Steve Jennings


SES (U.S.), LCR (U.K.)

Video Co

Colonel Tom Touring


  • Production and Lighting Designer: Mark Cunniffe
  • Lighting Director: Matt Jones
  • Lighting Programmer: Alex Passmore
  • Lighting Crew Chief: Dave Cox
  • Lighting Techs: Steve Bliss, Rob Starksfield, Travis Mitchell, Gabe Vejar
  • LCR Reps: Mike Oates and Ryan Hopkins
  • SES Rep: Mike Brammer
  • Video Co: Colonel Tom Touring
  • Col. Tom Rep: Barry Otto
  • Video Content/Creators: Moment Factory (Montreal), Shop (U.K.)
  • Video Director and Programmer: Phil Mead
  • Notch: Matt Swoboda
  • Video Engineer: Bob Larkin
  • Screen Techs: Eoin MacMahon, Pat Gibbs, Tony Whitehead,
  • Marc Lawrence
  • Automation: Omar Franchi, Steve Bliss
  • Tour Manager: Mark Friend
  • Production Manager: Chris Marsh
  • Production Assistant: Willow Findlay
  • Stage Manager: Matt Caley
  • Riggers: Omar Franchi, Seth Cook
  • Staging: Tait Towers
  • Set/Staging: Wonder Works (Rep. Jeremy Lloyd)
  • Staging/Truss: Area Four Industries
  • Trucking: KB Event (U.K.), SET (U.S.), Rocket Cargo


  • 2          grandMA2 consoles w/2 NPUs
  • 118     Claypaky Mythos2 fixtures
  • 24       Claypaky Scenius Unicos
  • 17       TMB Solaris Flares
  • 2          MDG Hazers
  • 350     ROE Carbon 5 video tiles (1200mm)
  • 175     ROE Carbon 5 video tiles (600mm)
  • 1          Total video system comprising 2600-by-3640 pixels (total = 9,464,000)
  • 1          Luminex DMX8 system w/network switches
  • 1          Screens processing system including: 5 Brompton M2 processors, 3 d3 4×2 Pro servers, 1 ATEM, 2ME switchers, 2 Sony 1700 cameras, 5 Bradley CamBall 3 cameras, Ross Routing for HD-SDI and Lightware Routing for DVI.

Tour Notes

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran’s current world tour is in support of his latest album, ÷ (Divide), a title which follows in the footsteps of his previous releases, 2014’s X (Multiply) and 2011’s + (Plus). The albums were released, respectively, in March 2017, June 2014 and Sept. 2011. Accompanied by nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a custom loop pedal, he manages to keep arena-sized audiences entertained, selling out large venues months in advance. His backstage support also does not involve a huge crowd, with FOH Chris Marsh also serving as Sheeran’s production manager and monitor engineer. Despite the paucity of its population, the ÷ (Divide) tour still ranks up there with 2017’s top tours. After an initial run in Europe and the U.K. from March to early May, Sheeran and company trekked through the Americas through October, then traveled on to Asia for some shows in November. This coming March, the ÷ (Divide) tour continues in Australia and New Zealand before heading back to the U.K., Ireland and Europe in from May through August before hopping the pond one last time for a run of date in North America from August to November 2018.


For more information on this tour, go to http://plsn.com/wp/archives/september-2017/ed-sheeran-%c3%b7-divide-world-tour/

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