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Experiential Technology Studio Imaginex Releases Game-Changing Crescent Sun Media Server

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• Created: April 4, 2018

MIAMI – For the last five years, experiential technology studio ​Imaginex ​has been producing stunning live events for clients such as ​Pretty Lights​, ​G-Eazy​, ​Spotify​, ​Intel​, and ​Adidas​. Over this time, the company introduced many new technologies into the market, including spatial video mapping from a lighting console and the world’s first concert example of ​kinetic LED mapping at Pretty Lights’ 2015 Red Rocks show, a show that also used the most LED tiles in Red Rocks history.

More details from Crescent Sun (https://crescentsun.io):

These innovations were made possible by use of Imaginex’s proprietary performance server, ​Crescent Sun​, which was previously only available to select private clients. Crescent Sun launched for public sale this week, introducing a new level of control and efficiency previously unseen in the media server market.

Crescent Sun​ has many notable features, including:

  • All-in-one: ​Design, previz, and operate your show in a single-process workflow
  • Individual Panel Control: Control up to 16,384 panels individually or with a lighting console

using our video panel fixture profile (17 channels)

  • High Performance:​ Achieve up to 3x4k/UHD from a laptop
  • Reusable Show File: ​Generative system architecture allows you to set up your show file once,

then remap to most stages in minutes.

  • Open Architecture: ​Crescent Sun uses an open architecture system to allow advanced users

to create custom modules and fx for their productions using the power of TouchDesignerTM.

  • Pixel-perfect calibration: ​Zero dither, zero alias, content displays exactly as the client and

designer want it to.

Imaginex founder and executive director ​Eric Mintzer has been designing Crescent Sun for years based on feedback from key players in the live events industry. “Crescent Sun is a performance server designed by industry leaders, and programmed by us,” said Mintzer. “Our single-software solution not only reduces up-front and touring costs, but allows for precise stage appearances that were previously available only to pre-recorded shows.”

To kick off the public launch of Crescent Sun, the Imaginex team was in Miami for ​Ultra Music Festival​, providing a new level of granular control to the Ultra Mainstage. Famed VJ and founder of ​V-Squared Labs​, Vello Virkhaus​, is now exclusively using the Crescent Sun performance server for all of his events, including Ultra Music Festival events worldwide. Vello has also joined Imaginex’s advisory board, and brings along with him his EPIC media server. ​EPIC has been used in some of the most innovative touring stages ever seen, from ​Amon Tobin’s groundbreaking ISAM stage​, the ​Skrillex Mothership tour, and class-A music festivals such as ​EDC and ​Coachella​. Over the next few months, EPIC’s features will be completely integrated into Crescent Sun, adding even more functionality to an already robust system. “I’m excited about the seemingly limitless possibilities that surround this software,” said Virkhaus. “Features such as PBR panels and region effects will take live shows to the next level.”


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