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High-Flying Dragons Bring Live Visuals to New Heights

How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular photo by Lisa TomasettiNot wanting to rest on their laurels, Global Creatures, the masterminds behind one of the highest-grossing tours of 2010, Walking with Dinosaurs, are once again amazing audiences and pushing the entertainment technology envelope. Having teamed up with DreamWorks Animation, they are now sending dragons soaring through arena skies and immersing audiences in the mythical Viking world of DreamWorks’ How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular.

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Lighting "The End of the Rainbow"

Lighting helped transform the hotel room into a nightclub...Broadway musicals lean towards spectacle — flashy lighting, dynamic choreography, show-stopping numbers to rouse the masses. But sometimes subtle is better, especially when it comes to a tragicomic play like End of the Rainbow, which is interspersed with musical numbers by famed singer Judy Garland, portrayed with pizzazz by Tony Award nominee Tracie Bennett. Add a comment


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