Current Issue - October 2014
Editor's Note

Changing Priorities Through Life

Written by: Justin Lang

PLSN editor Justin LangWhat is the most important thing in your life? Depending on your age, position in the industry and your family life, everyone will have varying answers. Early in a career, it might be friends and your career. But in the thirty-something to forties, your values might change, and it might be your family. Then in your fifties and sixties, you might start to be thinking more about your legacy and how you can pass everything important that you’ve learned about anything on to the next generation coming up.

On the Road

LD Jonny Gaskell with David Gray

Written by: Debi Moen

David Gray at the ACL Live at the Moody Theatre in Austin, TX. Photo by Debi MoenTour: David Gray Tour

Tour Dates: The tour started April 2014 in North America, visits U.K. and Europe Nov-Dec and returns to the U.S for radio promo shows in December. Might go to Australia in 2015.


Gathering of the Vibes Festival

Written by: Dominic Harvey

Gathering of the Vibes Festival 2014 photo by Mike Thut.It’s been 19 years since Jerry Garcia died, but the Grateful Dead frontman’s “vibes” are alive and well, floating though the crowd of 25,000-plus who gather in his honor every summer for four days of music and camping — with a little ‘60s-style peace and love thrown in. Gathering of the Vibes, a modern-era, well-behaved version of Woodstock, was started in 1996 by Connecticut businessman/Deadhead Ken Hays to fill the void created by Garcia’s untimely passing from a heart attack at 53. GOTV has since become one of the Northeast’s pre-eminent festivals; over the years it has featured not only the remaining members of the Grateful Dead and various tribute bands, but world-class artists from an eclectic mix of genres: Crosby, Stills and Nash; James Brown; Allman Brothers Band; Elvis Costello; Black Crowes; Nas; Bruce Hornsby, to name a few.


In Memoriam: Pasquale "Paky" Quadri, 1947-2014

Written by: PLSN Staff

Pasquale Clay Paky Founder Leaves a Legacy of Innovation

Pasquale “Paky” Quadri, founder and chairman of Clay Paky SpA, died at his home in Torre de’ Roveri, Italy shortly before midnight on Sept. 6. He was 67. In the years since founding the company in 1976 with fellow musician Claudio Paredi — the company name is formed by their two nicknames — Quadri and his company have amassed close to 80 patents and 50 major industry awards for a raft of fixtures combining design innovation with optical excellence and reliable operation.


2014 Parnelli Visionary Award Honoree Howard Ungerleider

Written by: Kevin M. Mitchell

2014 Parnelli Visionary Award Honoree Howard UngerleiderYou are the architect of your own future, and you get out of it what you put into it,” Howard Ungerleider says. Ungerleider is, himself, a helluva architect, and he has put his heart, soul, sweat and passion into a remarkable career that continues to inspire and influence not only the work of other lighting designers, but the manufacturers who create lighting tools. For all that and more, he will be honored with the Parnelli Visionary Award at the 14th annual Parnelli Awards ceremony, set for Nov. 22 in Las Vegas.

Inside Theatre

Lighting and Set Designer David S. Goldstein: Sculpting the Story

Written by: Bryan Reesman

David S. Goldstein's set design for Stalking the Bogeyman. Photo by Jeremy Daniel.New York-based scenic and lighting designer David S. Goldstein possesses a powerful passion for theater, and for him, his disciplines are perpetually married as he feels that they help to tell and sculpt the story that actors are portraying onstage, be it a musical or a straight play. “It’s not a prevalent practice in the United State, for a single designer to do lighting and sets,” observes Goldstein. “It is very prevalent for one designer to do set and costumes. In the United Kingdom, it’s the opposite — it’s very prevalent for one designer to do sets and lights and one to do costumes. ”

Production Profile

Sharing Pickathon with the World

Written by: Justin Lang

The main Mountain View Stage, sheltered by GuildWorks’ stretch canopy. Photo by Liz DevineVideo Production Helps Bring a Locally-Grown Festival in Oregon to a Wider Audience

Over a 16-year span, the annual Pickathon Music Festival —so-named, according to executive producer Zale Schoenborn, for the “hand-picked” assortment of artists across a wide range of genres — has grown from a modest shindig at Horning’s Hideout in Portland, OR to a three-day music festival with seven unique stages on Pendarvis Farm, an 88-acre horse farm framed by the forests and mountains near Happy Valley, OR, a half-hour outside of the big city.

Designer Insights

Queen + Adam Lambert LD Rob Sinclair

Written by: Steve Jennings (Photos and Text)

Queen + Adam Lambert 2014 tour photo by Steve JenningsDesigner Rob Sinclair has just completed a tour leg for Queen + Adam Lambert that finished in New Zealand Sept. 3. We caught the show while the band was touring the U.S. and spoke with Sinclair about the tour he directed as well. Among some of Sinclair’s credits — Miley Cyrus, Peter Gabriel, Pet Shop Boys and Keane (all covered in past PLSN issues). He’s also designed for Adele, Vampire Weekend, Goldfrapp and many more. Here’s what Sinclair had to say about the Queen + Adam Lambert tour.


Special Charter Cruise

Written by: PLSN Staff

Celebrity Cruise Lines’ Equinox, At sea on the MediterraneanLighting Co
Celebrity Cruise Lines

Celebrity Cruise Lines’ Equinox,
At sea on the Mediterranean


Jerrod Niemann

Written by: PLSN Staff

Jerrod Niemann on tourLighting Co
Elite Multimedia

Various (Tour)


Move Live On Tour

Written by: Steve Jennings (Photos and Text)

Move Live On Tour photo by Steve JenningsLighting Co
VER Productions

Various (Tour)


Alice Cooper

Written by: Steve Jennings (Photos and Text)

Alice Cooper tour photo by Steve JenningsLighting Co
Bandit Lites

Various (Tour)


FYF Fest 2014/Arena Stage

Written by: PLSN Staff

The 2014 “F Yeah Fest” was staged Aug. 23-24. Lighting Co
Visions Lighting

Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena
Los Angeles, CA


Block Party 2014

Written by: PLSN Staff

The Block Party 2014 EDM event welcomed students back to town in London, ON, Canada.Lighting Co
Bold Productions

York Street Parking Lot
London, ON Canada

PLSN Interview

A Conversation with Designer Cory FitzGerald

Written by: Michael S. Eddy

Cory FitzGerald played a key role on the creative team that came up with the looks for Demi Lovato's Neon Lights tour. Photo courtesy of Seven. Design. Works LLCIt has been a very busy 2014 for lighting designer Cory FitzGerald. Starting off the year working with his Seven Design Works’ partner LeRoy Bennett on the Bruno Mars New Years Eve Show at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas, all the way through to the taping of the Beyoncé/Jay-Z On The Run performances in Paris for HBO. In between, FitzGerald provided designs for Skrillex — both the Mothership Tour and the San Francisco Takeover shows, Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights and current world tour, Beyoncé’s performances at the Grammys and MTV Music Awards shows and many more one-offs and special events.

Buyer's Guide

Chain and Motor Hoists

Written by: Justin Lang

Chain and Motor Hoists Buyers Guide, PLSN, Oct. 2014Who doesn’t need a lift or pick-me-up from time to time?  This month we look at that very problem — not for you, but for whatever you are trying to raise into the air.

To download a PDF of the Oct. 2014 PLSN Buyers Guide, CLICK HERE

Road Tests

ExtraPro Patch Player

Written by: Vickie Claiborne

ExtraPro Patch PlayerWhat  options do you have when managing the playback of content in multiple locations from a single source? Until recently, the answer would have been to create a matrix of routers, cables, media servers, and controllers to accomplish what should be fairly straightforward. Patch Player, by ExtraPro LLC, is a new content playback application that lets users control content playing in various locations from a single source.  Created by developer/owner Ted Mizrahi, Patch Player promises to simplify control and setup for presentations, tradeshows and other types of multi-show environments via any Android OS device.


Chauvet Professional's Rogue Series

Written by: Justin Lang

Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 SpotFor the past few years, lighting designers have been in search of a light that is an all-around workhorse — able to do almost anything they ask while still being lightweight, compact and LED-based. Rental houses want what the LDs want, too, of course — with the added requirements that the fixtures be easy to maintain, comparable to a 250W discharge fixture and — oh yeah — offered at an affordable price.

Hometown Heroes

The 2014 Hometown Hero Finalists

Written by: Kevin M. Mitchell

2014 Hometown Hero Finalists AnnouncedCompanies driven by people doing what they love to do most are what make a “hometown hero.” There’s a lot of passion in this eclectic collection chosen by the readers of PLSN. And while this can be, as one honoree described it, a “dog eat dog” world, there’s a lot of good people doing good work out there. Here are the six best lighting companies in North America for 2014. One of these companies will be honored with a Parnelli Award for Hometown Hero Lighting Company of the Year at the annual awards ceremony, set this year for Nov. 22 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Company 411

Pyrotecnico FX: The Special Effects Dynasty Continues

Written by: Tim Bradley

Pyro at Ultimate Music Experience 2014, South Padre Island, TX. Photo by Drew Ressler - Rukes.comHistorians believe fireworks first exploded onto the scene in seventh century China and reached widespread use during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). A new dynasty began in 1889 when Constantino Vitale founded his fireworks company in Pietramelara, Italy. In 1920, he moved his firm and family to New Castle, PA, whose official slogan would become “The Fireworks Capital of America.” In its first century, the business that would emerge as Pyrotecnico grew to become one of the country’s largest fireworks companies. It now creates many of the world’s most dazzling displays.

Video World

The Next Evolution in Presentation Switching

Written by: Paul Berliner

This 4K blend, presented at InfoComm 2014, used E2 and two Barco HDQ-4K35 projectors.Over the last few years, I’ve written several columns on the subject of 4K, and the message in the consumer marketplace remains unchanged: the big television manufacturers need shiny new toys to sell, and 4K gets the nod. Granted, the pictures are stunning, the resolution is remarkable, the price point is way higher than HD, and 4K content is very scarce.

Feeding the Machines

The Good Ol' Disco Days

Written by: Brad Schiller

Marsha Stern at the Pines Pavilion back in the late 1980s. Photo by Bob HowardI have been programming automated lighting since the late 1980s and have seen many things change and grow. However, most of today’s programming has its roots in a time even before I started programming. The disco era of the 1970s and 1980s was filled with many different types of fixtures and control. Automated lighting desks did not exist, yet complex lighting sequences had to be produced and recalled. Lighting designer Marsha Stern was lucky enough to have been a pioneer at the time, controlling lighting in some of the New York City’s most iconic discos. I sat down with her to better understand the tools available at the time and their influences on today’s automated lighting concepts.

Designer Watch

Designing for the MDA Telethon; Gambling on Casino LDs; Quick Cues

Written by: Debi Moen

ABC’s MDA Show of Strength aired as a two-hour special Aug. 31. Photo by Design PartnersChildren in wheelchairs not only have special needs, they need special design consideration when they’re part of a show. Getting them in and out of the audience, getting them onto the stage requires ramps, elevators and other accessibility features. While the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has recently swept social media to raise funds for ALS, the MDA Telethon has been raising money for ALS, muscular dystrophy and other neuro-related diseases since 1966, traditionally during Labor Day weekend.

LD at Large

Taking What They're Giving

Written by: Nook Schoenfeld

Illustration by Andy AuI successfully spent the summer as a fill-in LD. Running shows for various friends who couldn’t cover their own gigs during a particular time period. The size or particulars of the gig don’t really matter to me. What I found amazing was this turn-around cycle I am experiencing. Many of my friends that I had hired at some point during their careers were suddenly calling me up, looking for somebody to cover for them. This is nothing new, except this summer I took these gigs myself.